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Christian Apologetics

Christian apologetics is the defense of the Christian faith. It’s being able to biblically answer tough questions about faith, morality, and key issues of the day.

  • 180 movie – award winning documentary on abortion.
  • Alisa Childers – popular Christian author with an apologetics podcast.
  • Apprising Ministries – provide sound reasons to believe in Jesus as well as defend the faith.
  • Answers in Genesis – enable Christians to defend their faith, focusing on the book of Genesis. Ken Ham is the CEO.
  • Audacity movie – unique approach to addressing homosexuality.
  • Christian Apologetics & Research Ministry – lots of information on a variety of topics like Christianity vs world religions, abortion, and evolution.
  • – they provide answers that affirm the Bible is reliable.
  • – Led by Frank Turek, author of I Don’t Have Enough Faith to Be An Atheist.
  • Institute For Creation Research – scientific research organization whose research is conducted within a biblical worldview.
  • Josh McDowell Ministry – delivers breakthrough moments and messages that lead to clarity, conviction, confidence and connection for people seeking meaning and purpose.
  • Lee Strobel – atheist turned Christian. He has several great books including, The Case For Christ, which was also made into a movie.
  • Stand to Reason – equips Christians with knowledge and reasoning to help them participate in public discussions and represent the Christian worldview.

Christian Charities

Here’s a sampling of Christian charities that you might like to support.

  • The A21 Campaign – they work to end human trafficking.
  • All Things Possible – founded by Victor Marx, star of the “world’s fastest gun disarm” video, he specializes in high risk missions and human trafficking.
  • Come and See Foundation – financially supports The Chosen, the popular series about Jesus and his disciples, and has a goal to translate it into 600 languages.
  • Fellowship for Performing Arts – they produce theater with a Christian world view, like The Screwtape Letters and Martin Luther on Trial.
  • Harvest Ministries – a modern day Billy Graham stadium evangelism ministry from pastor Greg Laurie.
  • The Jesus Film – free movies about the life of Jesus available in over a thousand languages. They send missionaries everywhere to show these films.
  • The Joshua Fund – founded by author Joel C. Rosenberg, his organization blesses Israel.
  • Reload Love – this organization was started at my church, Calvary Church New Mexico. They make jewelry from spent bullet casings and use the proceeds to share the gospel with victims of terrorism in the Middle East.
  • Samaritan’s Purse – founded by Franklin Graham, they provide international aid and share the gospel with children via Operation Christmas Child.
  • Wycliffe Bible Translators – they translate the Bible into languages it doesn’t yet exist in.

Bible Archaeology


These were some of my favorite places when I toured Israel.

Garden Tomb – information about the Garden Tomb in Israel. Many believe this could be the tomb Jesus was buried in.

Magdala – recent archeological site in the Galilee. They’ve discovered a first century synagogue where they know Jesus taught.

Israel Museum – they have some really cool things here including the Dead Sea Scrolls and the Model of Jerusalem during the Second Temple period.

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