Helping The Left Behind

We Have A Rapture Emergency

This is an excerpt from the Introduction of my book Rapture 911: What To Do If You’re Left Behind.

We have a rapture emergency on our hands. The day is quickly approaching in which Jesus will rapture or take away those who believe in him. I refer to these soon to be raptured people as believers throughout this book. The rapture is an imminent event which means it doesn’t require any other events to happen first. We’re in a state of emergency because the rapture will be a world-changing event and the vast majority of people aren’t prepared for it.

There are many types of people who aren’t prepared today: people who don’t know Jesus or the events that are on the horizon, believers who haven’t been taught about the rapture, believers who aren’t watching or paying attention for this event, believers who know it’s coming but have a blasé attitude about it, and then we have the scoffers who mock the rapture. The scoffers could be believers or unbelievers. We also mustn’t forget about the believers who know the rapture is coming and who want people they care about to know about it, get saved, and not be left behind.

People who live in areas prone to natural disasters like earthquakes, tornadoes, hurricanes, and tsunamis are typically prepared for those events. They have emergency supplies on hand, a place to shelter, an evacuation plan, etc. When a hurricane is forming, weather forecasters give us a heads-up on where the storm is going to make landfall and how bad it’s going to be. People in the area then prepare. They board up their homes, get supplies, go to a shelter, or evacuate if needed. If you lived in an area like this and had been told ahead of time that a disaster was coming, you’d prepare for it.

Yet there’s a world changing event on the horizon that we know could happen any minute and we’re not prepared for it. We can and should be prepared. God has told us to pay attention and watch for this event. For the people left behind after the rapture, they must deal with a magnitude of horror that none of us can possibly imagine. Let that sink in for a minute. No natural disaster that has ever happened will compare to what’s coming. None of them.

If you’re a believer, you likely have someone in your life who you care about who doesn’t have a relationship with Jesus. If the rapture happened this very next second, that person would be left behind. In that moment of time, God removed the believers who were the only light in a very dark world. How dark it will be that day. Now what are those people you care about going to do? They won’t have you to tell them what happened and where everyone disappeared to because you got raptured. In fact, they won’t have any believer who had a real relationship with Jesus around who they can turn to for help. They’ll all be gone. Sure, there’ll be some people left behind who claim to be Christians, but they never accepted Jesus into their hearts. Otherwise, they would have been raptured too. While some of those people will immediately understand what’s happened and why they got left behind, the vast majority won’t. So the only people who will be left behind who will be providing answers to the people you care about are people who don’t know the truth, who don’t believe, and most who frankly don’t want to ever believe. The world leaders will be spewing all sorts of lies.

That’s the emergency. The people who will be left behind won’t be prepared. After the rapture, they’ll need a resource they can go to for quick answers about what happened and why and what they need to do to be saved. Yes, they’ll find the answers in the Bible, but they won’t know that. Who’s going to tell them that? If they’re smart enough to seek answers in the Bible, they won’t know how to read the Bible or where to even look for answers. That’s what this book is for: to help those who will be left behind. Hopefully every single one of them who reads this book will come to believe in Jesus and be saved.

As a believer, you have the power to make a difference in this emergency. You can help those who will be left behind. You can put this book and a Bible in a place someone you care about would find if they came looking for you after the rapture.

But you know what, if you’re reading this that means the rapture hasn’t happened yet. So better yet, you can read this book and educate yourself about the rapture and future events so that you can have a conversation with the people you care about. Hopefully they’ll come to believe in Jesus before the rapture and won’t be left behind. The other thing you can do now is give this book and a Bible to the people you care about as a reference. I know what you’re thinking: They’ll think I’m crazy if I give them a rapture survival book! Maybe, but it would be worth it for them to know the truth wouldn’t it? Don’t be embarrassed or ashamed to share God’s truth with someone. Those emotions are just scare tactics from Satan. Remember that we’re in a war, and he doesn’t want you saving anyone. Where would you be today if no one had the guts to share the truth with you?

I want to make sure there’s information for people who are left behind that will help them come to learn the truth and have a relationship with Jesus, just like you and I do. Join me in this war, and let’s go rescue some souls!

These are some practical ways you can help those who are left behind:

1) Buy a Bible and Rapture 911: What To Do If You’re Left Behind. Then put those books together in a place someone can easily see or find them. This way when the rapture happens and you’ve disappeared, anyone who comes looking for you will find those books. With these they’ll be fully equipped to understand what happened, why, and how they too can be saved. (Rapture 911 is also available in a Pocket Edition, Spanish, and a Spanish Pocket Edition)

Inside each Bible write down some key Scriptures regarding how to be saved. That way whoever happens upon that Bible after you’ve been raptured will be able to quickly navigate to those verses. Print out the page I have on this website – How To Be Saved, and include it in the Bible and also write down some of the Scriptures listed on that page in your Bible.

You might also consider including a survival book. Visit my Prepper Resources page for some suggestions.

** As a Bonus – help a unbelieving friend or family member before the Rapture even happens. Buy another set of these books and give them to someone you know who hasn’t yet placed their faith in Jesus. The person may come to believe in Jesus as a result and be ultimately prepared when the rapture happens because they won’t be left behind!

Make A Rapture Flash Drive

2) I have a USB drive like the one pictured here attached to my car keys as a keychain. I’ve loaded this drive with all sorts of good information to help someone who is left behind. I know that I could be anywhere when the rapture happens. If I’m out and about when Jesus takes the believers, there’s a good chance the person who finds my purse will see the drive. I hope they come to be saved and can help others they care about be saved too.

You could make several of these and put them anywhere you think someone would see it or find it. Put one in your car, in your purse, in your office desk drawer, or even hang one on your refrigerator. Make sure you also put one with the Bible and Rapture 911 book that I mentioned above.

Here’s what I’ve put on the drive – a letter explaining what happened, a Bible (epub, txt, mobi, and pdf formats), Bible teachings from pastors I like, and The Jesus Film (video, audio versions). You could even add the Free Bible I have available on this website. If your drive isn’t big enough to hold video teachings and the movie, include audio versions instead. I’ve included these two series of teachings: The Bible from 30,000 Feet and The Gospel of John series: Believe 879. You can easily download each with one click.

Refer to the Bible ResourcesBible Study Resources, and Links web pages for more information on resources you can include. Use these ideas as starting points and expand on them in creative ways. You might even include some Christian music and your own personal testimony.

Make sure you put a label on the outside of the drive. I put a key tag label on mine with a catchy phrase that says “Did millions of people vanish?”

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