Helping The Left Behind

The rapture could happen at any moment. Think of the people you care about who haven’t put their faith in Jesus. Now imagine the day the rapture takes place. The apocalyptic movies we see don’t even compare to the level of fear, anguish, confusion, and horror those who are left behind will experience. Don’t you want to leave them something to help them understand what happened and how they too could live in Heaven forever?

These are some practical ways you can help those who are left behind.

Buy a Bible and Rapture 911: What To Do If You’re Left Behind. Then put those books together in a place someone can easily see or find them. This way when the rapture happens and you’ve disappeared, anyone who comes looking for you will find those books. With these they’ll be fully equipped to understand what happened, why, and how they too can be saved. 

Buy another set of those books and give them to someone you know who hasn’t yet placed their faith in Jesus. The person may come to believe in Jesus as a result and be ultimately prepared when the rapture happens because they won’t be left behind.

Inside each Bible write down some key Scriptures regarding how to be saved. That way whoever happens upon that Bible after you’ve been raptured will be able to quickly navigate to those verses. Print out the page I have on this website, How To Be Saved, and include it or refer to the Scriptures listed on that page.

Make A Rapture Flash Drive

I have a USB drive like the one pictured here attached to my car keys as a keychain. I’ve loaded this drive with all sorts of good information to help someone who is left behind. I know that I could be anywhere when the rapture happens. If I’m out and about when Jesus takes the believers, there’s a good chance the person who finds my purse will see the drive. I hope they come to be saved and can help others they care about be saved too.

You could make several of these and put them anywhere you think someone would see it or find it. Put one in your car, in your purse, in your office desk drawer, or even hang one on your refrigerator. Make sure you also put one with the Bible and Rapture 911 book that I mentioned above.

Here’s what I’ve put on the drive – a letter explaining what happened, a Bible (epub, txt, mobi, and pdf formats), Bible teachings from pastors I like, and The Jesus Film (video, audio versions). You could even add the Free Bible I have available on this website. If your drive isn’t big enough to hold video teachings and the movie, include audio versions instead. I’ve included these two series of teachings: The Bible from 30,000 Feet and The Gospel of John series: Believe 879. You can easily download each with one click.

Refer to the Bible ResourcesBible Study Resources, and Links web pages for more information on resources you can include. Use these ideas as starting points and expand on them in creative ways. You might even include some Christian music and your own personal testimony.

Make sure you put a label on the outside of the drive. I just taped a note to mine with a catchy phrase that says “Did millions of people vanish?”

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