Prepper Resources

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Food Preparation

Solar Cooking Wiki – if you don’t have a fuel or electric source, use the sun.

Solar Cookers: How To Make, Use, and Enjoy – PDF from Solar Cookers International

Legacy Food StorageMountain House, Roundhouse Provisions, and Wise Company all sell emergency food, water, and survival kits. You can also find emergency food and survival gear on Amazon.

Best two-week emergency survival food for preppers article.

Survival Books

Here’s a selection of survival books that you can purchase through Amazon.

These will certainly come in handy for anyone who’s left behind. You might consider including one in your Helping The Left Behind kit.

Build The Perfect Bug Out Bag
SAS Survival Handbook
Bushcraft 101
Survival Hacks
365 Essential Survival Skills
Tiny Survival Guide
The Ultimate Survival Medicine Guide
ACEP First Aid Manual
How to Stay Alive
Extreme Food
The Prepper's Cookbook
The Prepper's Blueprint

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