The Election Omen

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The Election Omen

Your Vote Matters

Discover an ancient Bible prophecy shaping the fate of nations!

A fierce battle rages, and the destiny of America hangs by a thread. Are you prepared to stand firm in the face of political warfare? Can you decipher the candidates and policies that align with Satan's diabolical schemes? His malevolent influence seeps into every aspect of politics. Satan is desperate to sway your vote.

But fear not! You can be a civic soldier for Christ. The armor of God is your fortress in this war. The sword of Truth is your mighty weapon. Will you align yourself with Jesus and defy the Devil's wicked designs? Your vote holds unimaginable power in this spiritual battleground!

Prepare yourself to take a stand in this momentous spiritual war. Engage with critical political issues through the lens of scripture. Unmask the web of lies and deceit spun by Satan himself. Champion the candidate whom Jesus endorses.

The Election Omen: Your Vote Matters is your essential faith-based reference for making informed decisions when you cast your ballot. And the unveiling of God's biblical prophecy concerning imminent and future elections will leave you awestruck!

Inside this book are the following:

  • The Election Omen is revealed—an ancient Bible prophecy that has reverberated throughout history and holds unparalleled significance in these final days!
  • Easy-to-understand Biblical analysis of the key political issues today—abortion, gender, marriage, gun rights, climate change, socialism, and many more.
  • A comprehensive examination of the major political parties and the stances of key 2020 presidential candidates on each crucial matter.
  • An unmasking of the deceptive tactics employed by politicians and the mainstream media—and the tools you need to dismantle them!
  • Up-to-date information, meticulously gathered from surveys, economic research, and recent news, ensures you remain fully informed.
  • The paramount importance of your Christian participation in elections, ensuring you make wise choices, and so much more!

If you crave a Bible-based perspective, straight-to-the-point narratives, and politics guided by scripture, then you’ll be empowered by The Election Omen. Stand firm in this spiritual war and vote with unwavering conviction. Prepare to be equipped for the ultimate battle of the end times.

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Book Author: Marsha Kuhnley
Genre: Non-Fiction
Language: English


Audio Length: 8 hrs 53 mins
Narrator: TJ Spehar
Publish Date: April 2020
SKU: 978-1-947328-72-3
Pages: 246
Publish Date: April 2020
SKU: 978-1-947328-41-9
Dimensions: 6 × 9 × 0.51760 in
Pages: 246
Publish Date: April 2020
SKU: 978-1-947328-52-5
Weight: 1.2 lbs
Dimensions: 6 × 9 × 0.51760 in
Pages: 246
Publish Date: April 2020
SKU: 978-1-947328-40-2
Weight: 1.0 lbs
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