Assault On The Afterlife

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Assault On The Afterlife

Satan's War Against Heaven

Prepare to be swept into a war that has raged for millennia—a war unlike any other. It spans the realms of heaven and earth, with the afterlife itself under siege.

He opened his mouth for blasphemy against God, to blaspheme his name, his dwelling, and those who dwell in heaven. (Revelation 13:6)

This is a war against heaven. The realm where God, the holy angels, and the deceased believers reside is under a relentless attack.

Satan yearns to drag you into the depths of hell, to snatch your soul away from the embrace of salvation. It’s your default destination, the deceitful path he urges you to take. Have you succumbed to his treacherous lies about eternal life? Are you looking forward to the afterlife or do you tremble with fear at what lies ahead?

Fear not, for the keys to heaven are within your grasp. If your faith is anchored in Jesus, then heaven is your everlasting home. Rise up, resolute and unyielding, refusing to let Satan steal your hope and plunder your heavenly rewards. Discover the truth about your eternal home and eagerly await the triumphant return of Jesus. Will you wear the impenetrable armor of God, shielding yourself against the relentless onslaught? Will you wield the razor-sharp sword of Truth, slashing through the dark forces that seek to devour your soul?

Prepare yourself for an electrifying revelation. Assault On The Afterlife is not your typical book about heaven and the spiritual realm. It’s a mind-bending exposé of the diabolical schemes hidden in plain sight—Burning Man, The Great Reset, Psychics, The Simulation Hypothesis, Transhumanism, and so much more!

Inside this book you will uncover:

  • The diabolical origins of Satan's assault in heaven and its continuation on earth against us.
  • Satan’s motives, cunning warfare tactics, and manipulative wartime propaganda.
  • Profound insights into the heavenly realm, your eternal body, and the breathtaking wonders awaiting you in the afterlife.
  • How Satan is assaulting those who dwell in heaven through demonic communication and unanswered prayers.
  • Modern lies about eternity—Christ consciousness, the Multiverse, Hybrids, and more!
  • The climactic showdown of Satan's war that will erupt during the tribulation period, culminating in the mass rejection of the afterlife by those deceived.
  • Empowering guidance to secure your place in heaven, evade Satan’s mark of the beast, and ascend in the Rapture!

If you crave Bible-based wisdom, narratives inspired by popular culture, and an urgent call to unlock the mysteries of biblical prophecy, then you’ll love Assault On The Afterlife.

The battle for the afterlife awaits.

Get it now.

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Book Author: Marsha Kuhnley
Genre: Non-Fiction
Language: English


Audio Length: 7 hrs 3 mins
Narrator: TJ Spehar
Publish Date: October 2021
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Pages: 192
Publish Date: October 2021
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Pages: 192
Publish Date: October 2021
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Publish Date: October 2021
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