The Election Omen: Your Vote Matters (Paperback)


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Discover an ancient Bible prophecy that directs the outcome of elections!

There’s a battle raging.
The course of America is at stake.

Do you know which candidates and policies Satan endorses? His evil agenda is exposed in The Election Omen: Your Vote Matters. The Antichrist, Satan’s world leader, is coming. Will your vote usher him in or hold him back?

Satan is the enemy.
He’ll do anything to get your vote.

Are you wearing the armor of God? It’s your protection in this war. Are you wielding the sword of Truth? It’s your weapon in this war. Are you prepared to stand with Jesus? Your vote matters in this war!

God is in control.
His plan will come to fruition.

The Election Omen: Your Vote Matters will reveal God’s biblical prophecy regarding the upcoming election and future elections! Prepare to take a stand in this spiritual war. Engage in key political issues from a biblical perspective. Combat Satan’s lies and deceptions. Support the candidate Jesus is backing.

Inside this book is the following:

  • The Election Omen is revealed—an ancient Bible prophecy in play throughout history and never more relevant than in these last days!
  • Easy-to-understand Biblical analysis of the key political issues today—abortion, gender, marriage, gun rights, climate change, socialism, and many more.
  • The main political parties and key 2020 presidential candidates’ stances on each issue.
  • Deception and propaganda tactics used by politicians and the main stream media—and how to counter them!
  • Information and data from surveys, economic research, and recent news to keep you informed.

You’ll love this end times election guide because it’ll equip you to stand in this spiritual war and vote the way that Jesus would.

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