The Election Omen: Your Vote Matters (eBook)


Discover an ancient Bible prophecy that directs the outcome of elections!

Afraid you’re not ready for the political battle against Satan? You can be a civic soldier for Christ.

Are you a Christian who fears your vote will be for the wrong side? Are you uncertain which issues and policies are in alignment with the Bible? Do you worry you’re not standing with Jesus during these tumultuous times? With over a decade of experience studying biblical prophecy, Marsha Kuhnley has appeared on the popular Christ In Prophecy TV program. Now she’s here to share how God’s biblical prophecies regarding current affairs, and even contentious elections are grounded in Scriptures and His word.

The Election Omen: Your Vote Matters is your essential faith-based reference for making informed decisions when you cast your ballot. Incorporating easy-to-understand Bible-based analysis of key political platforms, Kuhnley provides a thorough rundown of the main political party stances on critical issues. As the world moves towards the Antichrist, you’ll be assertive while wearing God’s armor and wielding the sword of Truth to make a strong stand against the Devil.

The Election Omen: Your Vote Matters will reveal God’s biblical prophecy regarding the 2020 election and future elections! Prepare to take a stand in this spiritual war. Engage in key political issues from a biblical perspective. Combat Satan’s lies and deceptions.

Inside this book is the following:

  • The Election Omen is revealed—an ancient Bible prophecy in play throughout history and never more relevant than in these last days!
  • Easy-to-understand Biblical analysis of the key political issues today—abortion, gender, marriage, gun rights, climate change, socialism, and many more.
  • The main political parties and key 2020 presidential candidates’ stances on each issue.
  • Deception and propaganda tactics used by politicians and the main stream media—and how to counter them!
  • Information and data from surveys, economic research, and recent news to keep you informed.
  • The importance of your Christian participation in elections so you’ll choose wisely, and much, much more!

If you like Bible-based perspectives, straight-to-the-point narratives, and politics led by scripture, then you’ll love Marsha Kuhnley’s take-charge book.

Buy The Election Omen to rise up against the Prince of Darkness today!