Rapture 911: What To Do If You’re Left Behind (Hardback)


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The End of the World is coming…

…but it’s not what Hollywood portrays.

Are you uncertain about what God has in store for humanity? Do you fear for the salvation of your family and friends?

It could happen any minute.

The Rapture.

Will you be Left Behind to survive the Apocalypse? You can join the millions who will be saved.

Do you already believe? Then you can help those who are Left Behind. Rapture 911: What To Do If You’re Left Behind is your all-in-one resource to survive the Tribulation and prepare for Jesus’s Second Coming.

Inside this book is the following:

  • Easy-to-understand Biblical analysis.
  • Theological overview of forthcoming events surrounding the End Times.
  • Why millions of people will disappear and what those Left Behind can do to be saved.
  • The truth behind fake news and deceptions surfacing today that will be prominent after the Rapture.
  • Examples of prophecies fulfilled that prove God’s Word is trustworthy.
  • Coping mechanisms from Biblical heroes to better handle shame, grief, and fear.
  • A checklist of preparations, a handy glossary, and much, much more!

You’ll love this handbook for navigating the Last Days because you want to live in Heaven and you care about saving your loved one’s souls.

Get it now.

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