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Kiara Kole And The Key Of Truth

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Hey, all you adventure-loving kids out there! If you're a fan of video games, get ready to dive into an epic virtual reality adventure.

Meet Kiara Kole, an 11-year-old explorer—not so great at video games but a total outdoor champ with her pet pig Sparkles. But guess what? Life changes when her family moves to the futuristic city of New Eden. Buckle up, because now she's in virtual reality game school, where her sixth-grade destiny hinges on her gaming prowess.

Kiara's in a crazy race against time, taking on an adventure game that's harder than trying to catch a squirrel. She's got to save the planet from a ginormous asteroid smash. Can you believe that?

Uh-oh, if she fails, her sixth-grade dreams go poof! And guess what else? She finds a secret level that's super off-limits. Risky stuff, because she might just get expelled! But don't worry, a cool new friend shows up, and together they're off on a wild quest that'll test Kiara's bravery and faith.

So, can Kiara overcome her fears, grab that coveted Key of Truth, and totally rule the game? Or is it going to be game over before she even starts to play?

Jump into Kiara's world and brace yourself for a mind-blowing adventure that'll ignite your imagination.

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Book Author

Daniel Luke Kuhnley, Marsha Kuhnley







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